A View Imaging x Coty Case Study: How We Extended This High-Impact Digital Campaign

Every marketer knows that landing a great creative idea takes hard work. So when your brand has a successful concept, you want to take it as far as it can possibly go.

At View Imaging, we focus not only on creative ideation—i.e., coming up with the Big Idea—but also on extending existing ideas across multiple assets and channels. It's all about maximizing ROI by leveraging what's already working to drive more sales and increase your brand's impact. View Imaging's high-volume retouching and e-commerce photography capabilities excel in taking your successful concepts to the next level by strategically extending them across various digital channels and assets. With our creative production studio, we optimize each element, ensuring your brand doesn't just make a splash—it creates waves.

Enter our case study.

To illustrate this, let's talk about our digital campaign extension for Coty and its Calvin Klein holiday brand campaign. Coty, a fragrance company that collaborates with Calvin Klein, approached us for help with their campaign. Their assets included gift sets for lotions, body washes, purse sprays, and full-sized men's, women's, and unisex fragrances. The most striking element of this campaign was a red ribbon tying each gift set together. The client needed photography assets in the form of stills and animated gifs to extend their existing campaign. Our assignment was conceptualizing and creating assets that captured all the various gift sets and felt cohesive with the brand campaign.

We started by putting together a concept deck with different ideas for photography and animation. After sharing these concepts with Coty, they chose their favorite and then sent us samples.

This project expanded in complexity through total creative variations and number of final assets needed, as there were many product combinations for the gift sets that required specific aspect ratios for product detail pages (PDPs), digital ads, and more. All in all, there were 10 gift sets styled and shot as stills and gifs, six unique channel specs produced for each asset, and 130 total final assets delivered in all channel formats.

Since the red ribbon was the star of this campaign, we photographed the product to allow the ribbon to seamlessly transition between frames in the Pinterest slides. We digitally created this visual element, sketching out where we wanted the ribbon in each of the animation frames and stills and giving the team references from the brand campaign. In doing so, we were able to work effectively with this team to create these cohesive, final assets. The style, shadows, lighting, and clean, white studio environment seamlessly shone through both the assets and brand campaign.

© Calvin Klein | Photography, Retouching, CGI by View Imaging

© Calvin Klein | Photography, Retouching, CGI by View Imaging

Efficiency is our North Star.

When creating high-end assets at scale, efficiency is key. And efficiency begins with strategy. In the Coty case, our creative production strategy was crucial for managing the high-volume asset creation, preventing possible hiccups, saving us and our client valuable time.

We focused on animating one gift set first and sending an approval batch to the client to ensure they were happy with the direction and execution. This allowed us to address changes with a small asset list before scaling. In this case, the client requested we change the color of one of the fragrance boxes. Now, imagine having to make that change for 130 assets. Receiving this feedback before following through with the rest of the sizes and gift sets saved us and the client valuable time and money.

In addition, our knowledge of the process allows us to notice discrepancies sooner rather than later. During the Coty project, we discovered early on that we had two different references for how the ribbon should look. We knew we had to get the ribbon right and make sure all assets were consistent, so we made sure to follow up with the client and clarify which comp was final. Noticing this mistake early and being proactive prevented costly changes down the road.

© Calvin Klein |  Photography, Retouching, CGI, Animation by View Imaging

We're masters of asset management.

With 130 final assets due all at the same time for media trafficking, process and organization reign.

The View Imaging asset management process is constantly being optimized and refined, but relies on three core steps:

1. Thoroughly filling out our asset management sheet and making sure both the client and agency team have reviewed and approved all information.

2. Confirming all original campaign assets and creative briefs have been received and reviewed.

3. Having fun watching the team check off the 130 final assets as they are seamlessly produced.

This is how we shoot it.

Coty was able to take full advantage of our refined production processes and chose to conduct the whole project virtually, saving on travel and time away from the office. Real-time input and feedback from the integrated team was never a problem, as our photographer shared live test shots throughout the process with both the art director and client team. After the shoot, we were able to send the alignment batch to the client to for final approval before moving forward to the subsequent batches.

We’re also proud to say that at View Imaging, all of our product photography is in-house. We don’t work with third-party photographers. We collaborate directly with our photo team on a daily basis. This is such a bonus because nothing gets lost in translation, and there’s smooth communication and consistency in the work that’s delivered. Internal resources make a huge difference.

© View Imaging

Behind-the-scenes snapshot of how the products were rigged for photography

There you have it.

View’s expertise with luxury brands and digital channels ensures quality content, sized for every platform and integrated seamlessly with master brand campaigns. The results? A high-impact digital campaign, seamlessly crafted from a single piece of brand creative for retail partners across the globe at scale.

© Calvin Klein | Photography, Retouching, CGI, Animation by View Imaging

Navigating the world of beauty and fashion visuals isn’t just about crafting an image—it's about consistently expanding and elevating a brand's creative vision. At View Imaging, we don't just capture moments—we amplify your original ideas across varied channels and mediums at scale while ensuring brand consistency. Our mission? "Make More Beautiful." We believe in the power of beauty as a force for good, and we love every nuance of look, feel, and branding. Through collaborative creative partnerships, we magnify your vision, ensuring it stands out in all its beauty.

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