We are View Imaging and we believe beautiful things are a force for good. We are lovers of look, feel, beauty and branding. And we specialize in collaborative creative partnerships.

Beauty, luxury,
and fashion retail
is our world.

Peter Rundqvist - Founder-Partner and Head Creative
Marissa Bennett - Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Raised in a family of artists, Peter Rundqvist worked as an illustrator before falling in love with photography in the 1990s. An early pioneer of digital retouching, he worked in Stockholm, London, São Paulo, and New York, where he joined Harper’s Bazaar and began a longtime collaboration with Peter Lindbergh which included countless covers, editorials, and campaigns. As fashion moved into the digital space, Peter moved with it, using his skills to help brands maintain the quality of their images across all advertising channels. Seeing a growing need for the work he was doing, he created View Imaging in 2006. He continues to put his skills to work for clients who share his passion to make more beautiful content.

View Imaging’s CEO, Marissa Bennett, specializes in building and inspiring talent networks across cultures and time zones to allow creativity to flourish at scale. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, she was educated in England, Spain, and Switzerland. Her passion for connecting diverse communities and her gift for problem solving have been constants in a career spanning both the public and private sectors, from the UN, AmeriCorps, and higher education to corporate communications and executive-level recruiting. Inspired by Peter’s vision for a global solution to the problem of creating quality digital content, Marissa joined View Imaging in 2016, and has worked to bring that vision to life ever since.

Peter Rundqvist - Founder-Partner and Head Creative
Marissa Bennett - Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Beautiful Things Are
A Force For Good.

Since 2006 we've been working with the world's most renowned brands, perfecting the process that makes industry-leading content.

Creating a single flawless image is hard enough. But creating thousands? As the demand for high-quality digital content explodes, keeping up as a brand becomes increasingly difficult.

View Imaging can help you meet the need for content with end-to-end creative production at any scale.

We Make More Beautiful.


creating impeccable content

2 MM

digital assets created


production across five time zones

I've worked with View Imaging for over four years and can not say enough good things about them! They go above and beyond for every project. Their standards are one of the highest and they deliver every time. Working with them is such a pleasure and I would not hesitate to recommend them to others.

—Kaitlyn Seigler

Director of E-commerce, IPPOLITA

Our commitment to our customers is fueled by our core values.

We are solutions-oriented & passion-driven

We are creative, agile, and dedicated to driving continuous improvement. We spend our time and energy clearly and honestly identifying opportunities, issues, and challenges, then solving them. When searching for solutions, we don't present problems, we engage with possibilities.

We Believe Collaboration Makes Us Stronger

We know that the best way to solve problems is through respectful collaboration. We embrace and value each other's strengths and differences because we recognize that we can achieve greater things as a team. We are accountable for our mistakes and appreciative of clear, actionable feedback.

We Own Outcomes, Not Tasks

We take our part in the solution seriously. We take ownership for outcomes rather than simply the task at hand. And upon reaching our outcome, we have gratitude for the individuals and high-functioning teammates that helped us to achieve completion and gather learnings for the next project.


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